School Birthdays

Make cake in the classroom easy with nut-free cakepops!

Kids may despair that they have to spend their all-important birthday at school or they may be excited to share the day with their friends and classmates. Either way, our cakepops will make your child's birthday a sweeter experience for everyone.

All of our products are nut-free!

Bringing birthday goodies to your child's class for his/her birthday couldn't get any easier. Our cakepops are easy to transport, easy to hand out, and even easier to enjoy - no crumbs, plates, or forks. Not to mention, they're fun and delicious. Your child will positively love their birthday treats, and so will their classmates.

We offer curbside pickup service, so picking up your cakepops is a breeze.  Just call us when you are a block or two away from the shop and when you arrive, we'll run out to your car with you order!  You can also have your cakepops delivered directly to your home or your child's school.

Order online or contact us for custom designs and displays.


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