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What exactly is a cakepop?

You may be wondering, what is a cakepop? It is a shaped ball of crumbled cake mixed with frosting that's dipped in a candy coating on a stick for your easy enjoyment. Our cakepops are delectably moist and lusciousy delicious made with the best ingredients and a lot of love; that's why we call them the best.cakepop.ever.

What are our cakepop flavors?

We have six classic flavors, which are:

Birthday - Soft yellow cake mixed with sweet vanilla frosting

Cookies n' Cream - Crumbled chocolate cookie made moist with sweet cream cheese frosting.  Winner of Washingtonian Magazine's Best of Washington award.

Chocolate - Decadent chocolate cake mixed with an equally as delectable chocolate frosting

Red Velvet - Ruby red velvet cake mixed with tangy, sweet cream cheese frosting

Lemon - Luscious lemon cake mixed with tart lemon frosting, flavored with real lemon juice and zest

Raspberry - Raspberry cake made with fresh raspberries, mixed with a raspberry frosting

How's the quality?

All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients and contain no preservatives. We don't use things that have long, hard-to-pronounce names like potassium sorbate and propylene glycol monoesters that are often found in baked goods. We use the good stuff like flour, sugar, and eggs.

What about our other treats?

Our cookies, rugelach, and raspberry bars get treated with the same amount of love and are crafted using high-quality ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Our raspberry bars (a big customer favorite) contain fresh raspberries in their filling!

And our bagels?

Don't think we've skimped on our bagels! We stick to tradition by hand-rolling and boiling every single one to create the perfect chewy interior and crisp exterior, just the way a bagel should be. We don't label our bagels with any sort of geographical style (New York, Montreal, etc.), they're simply really good and baked fresh every morning.

What about allergens and special diets?

Gluten: We offer delicious gluten-free cakepops and gluten-free cookie bars.  Although we use good cleaning practices in between batches of gluten and non-gluten products, our kitchen is not certified gluten-free and exposure to gluten may occur.  We do not recommend our baked goods for customers who are sensitive to trace amounts of gluten.  However, we have many delicious beverages and packaged snacks that would still be an option.

Kosher: All of our ingredients are hecschered (certified kosher), and our kitchen is certified kosher.  We are supervised by Rabbi Aaron Alexander of Adas Israel Congregation, located four blocks down the street.  Rabbi Alexander is a certified mashgiach (kosher supervisor) by the Conservative Movement, and serves on its Committee for Jewish Law and Standards.

Nuts: We are a nut-free bakery. Our kitchen does not handle peanuts or tree nuts, and there are no peanut or tree nut ingredients in any of our baked goods or packaged products. This is especially great news for kids (or grownups) with nut allergies who can safely participate in cakepop parties and classes in our nut-free kitchen!

Vegan/Vegetarian: All of our baked goods and packaged products are vegetarian, and some of our packaged products are vegan.  Our bagels are vegan, and we offer a delicious vegan version of our raspberry bars.  Our other baked goods contain dairy and/or eggs.

If you have any questions about dietary needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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